About us

About us

Success tastes of champagne. A job well done, satisfaction that comes with hard work, turning a sense of achievement into real profit – all of those things enforce a feeling that the chosen business career is the right one. Favorable economic situation? Seamless cooperation with a client? A bit of luck? Success in business can be attributed to many factors. The key one is always the team.

Forge&Frost is a group of experts who in their day-to-day work combine passion with professionalism. The success we achieve is not a fluke. It is an effect of synergy thanks to which we can turn bold ideas into measurable results. What does that mean for you? That you don’t have to choose between quality and efficiency. We recruit specialists mainly for medium- and upper-level positions in a timely manner.

How do we realize our goals?

First of all, we know how valuable personal relationships are, which is why you won’t have to fill out complex forms which often overshadow personal issues in a company. We ask questions and flexibly react to answers. Algorithms may lead you astray. We do our best to understand your needs. What is more, we designed a method for reaching candidates which is built on partnership. The employment market is still on the fence whether to be more an “employee’s” or an “employer’s” market. We are not interested in making such distinctions. We are focused on building professional relations in which all sides are equal. Thereby, we can help you build a team eager to achieve success together. In the “Services” tab, you can find details about this method.

Any recruitment process has a clearly defined beginning and ending. However, to us a person you hire is more than just a candidate. We see them as someone for whom we should create opportunities for growth and fully utilize their skills and competencies. In Forge&Frost we believe in the process of creating-solidifying. What does that cryptic phrase mean? Our manifesto to not only hire employees but also build teams that give you a competitive advantage. We know how to create the best candidate experience, how to conduct a successful onboarding, and how to take care of an employee so that they want to develop professionally within your company. Client comfort is very important to us, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything. Your needs are now in the best of hands.

I’ve been working in the HR sector for over a decade. I’ve seen astonishing success and equally astonishing failures. I’ve learned who true leaders are, what defines an expert, and why benefits are not enough to increase employee satisfaction in this day and age. My experience comes from being an HR manager and a boards of directors’member in large companies. I believe in the “sharing is caring” business approach, which is why I am happy to engage in knowledge sharing.

My name is Piotr Kuźniak and I’d like to invite you to cooperate with me – soon we’ll be able to raise a toast to our joined success.

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