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Success tastes of champagne. A job well done, satisfaction that comes with hard work, turning a sense of achievement into real profit – all of those things enforce a feeling that the chosen business career is the right one. Favorable economic situation? Seamless cooperation with a client? A bit of luck? Success in business can be attributed to many factors. The key one is always the team.

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A successful recruitment process requires innovative methods of reaching candidates and their flawless selection. The market is full of various HR solutions for business. However, schemes don’t work in areas in which people are the key factor. That is why a team of Forge&Frost professionals begins every venture by thoroughly getting to know your company. This gives us the flexibility to tailor the offer to your needs. We provide services in:

Executive search

Executive search

If you need employees with a specific set of skills for an expert or managerial position, you should trust this method. Find out more
Direct search / headhunting

Direct search / headhunting

One valuable resume is more valuable than twenty that don’t meet your standards. Find out more
Search & Selection

Search & Selection

This method is perfect when you are looking for experts who are active on the job market. Find out more
Assessment Center / Development Center

Assessment Center / Development Center

Case studies or simulation games are a great and effective way of verifying candidates’ competencies. Find out more

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